The evolution of the ebook author

I have heard many people say they want to write an ebook or ebooks. Some have heard of the booming market and imagine making some money, others are interested in just getting something out there. Whatever the reason, the first step is making an ebook and sharing it. The easy option is a PDF as you can read them on any device. Next up is ePub. There are several sites that can convert your Word doc to ePub. Smashwords, for me, is the easiest.

So, once you have something out there what do you do next? Publishing another ebook seems natural but what about if you want to publish several and work with other people or even move up into an editor position? Here is an example of one great writer who did all that:

Wayzgoose Press was set up by Dorothy Zemach and she is now the senior editor. They publish fiction, non-fiction and educational books. They include books for teachers and students.