Teaching English with Art: VINCENT VAN GOGH

Jorge Sette has just released his seventh ebook in the popular Teaching English with Art series. Like the others, the new ebook features a range of 30 speaking and writing activities and this one covers Van Gogh.

This is what Jorge has to say about his new ebook:

The objective of the eBook is to expose the students to art while teaching English, fulfilling therefore one of the tenets of effective language acquisition: providing a realistic context for the language to be learned and practiced as a means to an end. Your students will love to exercise their English discussing the works of van Gogh. This is a proven way to make language acquisition fun and effective by creating in the classroom an atmosphere of interest, motivation and emotion. Each activity is clearly correlated to the COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK OF REFERENCE (CEFR), and the level is stated next to it.

You can have a sneak peek inside the book thanks to Amazon. Click here.