Interview with Jorge Sette: Volume 1

Here is a major scoop.

I managed to do a short interview with Jorge Sette, the author of the Teaching English with Art series. Below is the first part or volume ;). I’ll publish the rest later.

Jorge has written an incredible amount of ebooks in a very short time and is very active on social media which he uses to get teacher feedback and suggestions for future titles. He really is on the cutting edge of ELT self-publishing as he does everything himself and gives the market want they want. As a hero of mine, I was delighted to get some answers to several questions I’ve wanted to ask him for some time.

Volume 1

Q1: What is your opinion of the current ELT ebook market?

Like all the other markets, the ELT book market is undergoing a radical transformation. It’s becoming digital. However, there is still a lot of resistance to this new reality. Teachers and parents of course, because of their age, tend to be more conservative, and therefore will prefer the use of print materials as a rule. It feels more tangible to them. On the other hand, even more forward-thinking or younger teachers, and also students, are not used to paying for anything they get from the internet, which makes it difficult for ELT publishers and writers to go fully digital, as the business model has not been fully established yet. However, I firmly believe there’s no going back, and in the very near future we will all be reading and studying from tablets, smartphones and other devices. I myself have been reading mainly ebooks, emagazines and enewspapers for the past 5 years or so. And paying for them too (laugh).

Q2: How do you write your ebooks?

Well, I love art and I love English teaching, so it was only natural for me to combine both passions. I uploaded some free presentations involving teaching English in the context of art on SlideShare a couple of years ago and found out lots of other teachers liked the idea too. I realized then there was a market for these materials, as they were not common in the ELT world. So I decided to write a series of supplementary ebooks on vocabulary, speaking and writing which would tap into famous works of art as a springboard for exercises to be done in the language classroom. My writing process is the following: I tend to choose artists who are famous to start with. Then I go through their works on the internet or print books I have at home to decide if their paintings lend themselves easily to the creation of classroom activities. Then I read a couple of well-known biographies on the painter and watch videos about his works on YouTube, so I understand their life, style and motivations better. Even if very little of this homework is reflected directly in the books themselves, I know I will write better if I have this background knowledge and information about the artist stored in my head when I start developing the tasks.

Volume 2 coming soon.

Thanks Jorge 🙂

Jorge Sette (MA in Applied Linguistics, PUC – São Paulo; MBA in Marketing from ESPM – São Paulo) writes to express his passion for art, language teaching/learning, marketing, training, and new educational technologies.

He currently lives in Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brazil.

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