Interview with Jorge Sette Volume 2

Here is part 2 of my mini interview with the very productive ebook author Jorge Sette.

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Volume 2

Q3: What feedback have you received?

I have run some campaigns on where some of my ebooks have been given away for free, as it’s important to get the word out, and have key teachers get to know and talk about them. These campaigns function in the same way as publishers give free samples to teachers aiming at getting an adoption for their print materials. There have been hundreds of downloads throughout the world during these campaigns. However, not everybody who downloads the materials gives us feedback. Many teachers, though, have written to me directly saying they loved the books and that their students have been benefitting from the activities. Of course most people who care to write to us are the ones who have a positive opinion, so I still need to investigate more on how the books can be improved, as I haven’t received much negative feedback to help me in this direction.

Q4: Why does Art appeal to so many different kinds of teachers?

Well, teaching English with art is a powerful tool. I summarized all the advantages of using art in the language class in a post I wrote for my blog LINGUAGEM, which your readers can access by clicking here: .

As a summary, though, I would say that teachers like it because it makes the lesson more fun and, therefore, more motivating. It allows the inclusion, in the English class, of other subjects studied in the curriculum, such as a history, geography, mythology, psychology and literature. In addition to that, art involves emotion, which makes language more relevant and memorable. And, finally, its flexibility makes it easy for teachers to personalize exercises and allows for open answers and freer practice, which is an important phase in the language acquisition process: if the students use the language to express their own reality, dreams, experiences and aspirations, chances are their development as language learners will improve.

Q5: Which is your favourite activity from your ebooks and why?

I myself love the storytelling activities, both oral and written. Everyone loves a good story, and if you can create your own version of a story based on a painting, you will certainly enjoy the process. I encourage the use of process writing in the ebooks, which shifts the focus to drafting rather than coming up with a final product immediately. The more drafts a student produces the better writer she will become. Having said that, I suspect different students will enjoy different kinds of activities, so we provide a huge variety of exercises to cater for different tastes and learning styles.

Thanks again Jorge 🙂

Jorge Sette (MA in Applied Linguistics, PUC – São Paulo; MBA in Marketing from ESPM – São Paulo) writes to express his passion for art, language teaching/learning, marketing, training, and new educational technologies.

He currently lives in Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brazil.

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