Presentation Lesson Hacks ebook

I started making ebooks last year. The first ones I did using the Lean Marketing idea of publishing something quickly, getting feedback and then improving it. I think it worked as I published PDFs via a blog and then in some groups. They quickly spread to Facebook. After that, I figured out my formula and I started working harder and trying to get finished ebooks done first.

The initial feedback I got from my eventual 10 book series, often revolved around ‘why are they free?’. Some people seemed confused and even cautious about the freeness of the ebooks. They insisted that nobody would read free ebooks and the free label made them look low quality even.

So, I set about breaking my ‘quick to write, quick to publish’ strategy by writing a ‘proper’ ebook i.e. a long one.

I started in January, spent many late nights and weekends typing and altering and now, finally, it is out and getting decent reviews. As I spent a lot longer on this one and the length is far longer than my free efforts, I’m offering it at a standard price based on what seems to be the ‘1 dollar per 10 pages’ approach.

I’m very thankful to the many many people who helped this ebook get to where it is now and look the way it is. I’ve made some of it free to sample at Smashwords so take a look at:

Due to popular request, it’s also on Amazon:

I now have 2 more ebooks to finish so watch this space.