It is hard to write a self-pub ebook. Hard to edit it. Hard to proof it and hard to get it out there.

Even harder is promotion. Part of that is spreading the word. As we live and work in an industry where big publishers have been running things for decades, we are at an instant disadvantage. Trying to get reviewed by journals can be tough as they usually cover big books. What we, self-pubers, need are unbiased people willing to spend time reviewing our work and sharing those reviews.

I think I find a site full of those people. Here it is:

Maybe we could even have our own list for ELT. It would only need 4+ peers willing to review ELT ebooks on a regular basis and all they’d need is a blog or website.

Some may say we are fighting publishers but I don’t believe it’s that. It is above alternatives. The traditional system is established and publishers are linked to associations, conferences etc. The ELT ebooks movement is new so needs a system too. We could call it ‘peer review’ like for academic journals or just reviews by people interested in ebooks.