Roll up roll up, get yer ebook news ere!

There seems to be lots going on in the world relevant to ebooks at the moment so here is the news.


The first thing is that the VAT MOSS terror from January 1st hasn’t gone away and is back again. It seems Poland has been battling with the VAT men over ebooks and now there is a proposed threshold.

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The second topic relates to the popularity and success of ebooks, which at one point were being called ‘book killers’. Well, it seems they aren’t. This might be the reason why Amazon is opening a physical books shop.

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Ebooks are not just books in digital format, or they shouldn’t be. Just copying a book onto a tablet is nothing new so it is no surprise that people like the physical one. Another reason is because people spend so long every day on computers, they want to get away from screens.

My response to this article is that affordable ebooks that students and people can carry on their tablets are a huge benefit and the types of books are more innovative. This is the market, not just books on tablets.