Teach Reflect Develop

Last week, I had an idea for a short ebook on reflective teaching. More of a a workebook or self-help ebook actually.

My intent was to help teachers reflect on their lessons every day after work just for a few minutes but to keep that up for a week. I then figured that maybe 2 weeks would be better. That then turned into a month or 20 working days.

I felt I needed some expert help to make the ebook though so I turned to Anthony Gaughan who has been my guiding light in ELT for 5 years now and really helped me make the vital step of having a head stuffed with ELT methods and activities to developing my own style.

The result is a very concise but very practical and effective ebook that can make a big impact on your teaching if you stick with it. I advise you do the full month but you could also try just a week.

I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful and a big thanks to Anthony again.

Read it online here:


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