Coaching & Mentoring

My latest co-written ebook is now on Smashwords and on its way to iTunes. For this one, I had the great privilege of working with my own Coaching mentors Ron Morrain and Michelle Hunter.

This ebook is half Coaching and half Mentoring and features 30 short activities adapted from one of those perspectives for the average ELT class. They can also be used in 1-2-1s too.

As Coaching seems to be the ‘latest thing’ or rather, it was, and that many teachers area adding Coaching to their CVs or publicity material, I thought it’s time to provide some easy ways into the world of ELT Coaching. I added Mentoring as I realised that I have been doing it on and off for several years and that since doing the ILM 5, I have been more active in that area. For me, it has been a longer term, more informal and personal-focussed form of Coaching.

I’d say this ebook is aimed at CELTA and DELTA level teachers and anyone interested in trying new things in class to help their students.

Download it from Smashwords at: